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Turbo charged, Mandy Jellerichs, takes her talent to the road and water. After 5 Ironmans and 27 marathons, Mandy joined KE to push herself even further. Before she joined KE, her PR for a marathon was 3:21. Four months later she crushed her PR time at the Houston Marathon with a time of 3:14. While training with KE for her marathon, she also PR'd in a 5K in the low 19's. Her talents did not go unnoticed. KE was honored to have her as our first Triathlon coach. She is now sponsored by Hammer Gel and is testing her lungs at the high altitudes in Colorado. Of course the races never end for her. Mandy has tacked on 2 more Ironmans and 6 more marathons. Whew! We miss you Mandy!

Mandy Jellerichs

Who are you cheering for in the Super Bowl?

Cheering for the Broncos! Wearing my orange and blue. Conveniently orange is my favorite color.


What was one of your best runs?

Some of my most enjoyable and fulfilling runs have been as a pacer. I have been honored to have been a pacer for the Houston Marathon (4:00 hour group), Top of Utah Marathon (4:15 group), 7 Bridges Marathon (4:15 group) and the Rock 'n Roll Las Vegas Half Marathon (1:35 pace group). I enjoy helping others to meet their goals - whether that is to finish the race or qualify for the Boston Marathon or other races. I enjoy providing encouragement to the runners, as well as provide them a pace to follow. The best part of the day is to see the excitement as the cross the finish line and when they say to me "thank you " or "I couldn't have done that without you". My most memorable race was the Las Vegas half marathon as the 1:35 pacer and it was the last year that women could qualify for the New York City Marathon with a half marathon qualifying time of 1:38 or under. So, as the 1:35 pacer the pressure was on. The race started at 5:30 pm and the energy was amazing between the electricity of the city and 44,000 runners. I remember standing there with my 1:35 pacer sign and being surrounding my runners asking me what my pacing strategy was - was I going to run even pace? Run a negative split? Was I going to walk through water stops? Was water first or Gatorade? And, there were several women in the group that wanted to qualify for the NYC Marathon. I told them that we all need to work together as a group and I will get them to the line at 1:35! We did it and all of the ladies qualified for the NYC Marathon.


What do you find the most difficult about running?

The hills In Knoxville and Denver the altitude. And, of course keeping up with my husband when he paces me on tempo runs.


What is your favorite nutrition?

While racing, Hammer products. When not racing, chips/salsa and a margarita.


What drives you to keep going?

Some would say I am crazy, but I enjoy pushing my body to new limits to see how much the mind and body can handle.


How would you donate $10,000?

I have such a strong love for dogs. There are so many wonderful organizations that rescue dogs and train dogs to used in the line of duty along emergency personnel and also along side with individuals with disabilities. The Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs organization really stood out as a fantastic organization that I would donate $10,000 to help their cause.