Athlete Spotlights


Constantly on the go, GINA ROUSE carries out the roles of wife,mother and runner.

Gina is always adding new goals to her running, but she has already proved she is a very talented. Among her many accomplishments on the track were becoming a Farragut High School State Champion, All State Runner, University of Tennessee Chattanooga Conference Cross Country Champion and Team Runners Market racing member.

Which is harder: juggling schools books and running or motherhood and running?

Gina Rouse RacingWhile it was no easy task doing nursing school and collegiate track/cross country practice, meets, hours spent in the training room heat/ice recovery, etc, it's definitely more difficult juggling motherhood and running. I have my two little ones here at my feet while I type this - one is grabbing at the computer keys and one is clamoring for my attention. While it's difficult to juggle the miles and all the "small stuff" like stretching, foam rolling, and nutrition, my husband and children are what keep me in balance. In college, running was "everything" to me. Now, my priorities are kept much more in check and a lot of that is due to the simple demands of motherhood. I must add though, that if momma doesn't get her run in, everyone at home knows it.. cuz everyone knows when momma ain't happy, no one is!

Why or what brought you to join Knoxville Endurance?

My husband Matt started training with Bobby after his first marathon while I was pregnant with our second baby. I watched him workout and transform as a runner for a year and then decided I would benefit from the structure of a training schedule and planned workouts and practices. I have set some official running goals I wouldn't have set if I didn't start running with KE and Coach Bobby.

Do you have a quote that guides, inspires, or embodies your training/racing life?

My dad always tells me (even now) before every race "go out hard, pick it up in the middle, kick at the end" and for all of life he's always said "those that aim high usually do better." Christian music really makes me excited about running. Hearing songs sung to and about God make me want to race. It's all connected for me. I love to race and give my all and I feel very "alive" doing it to God's glory.

What is the greatest piece of advice you would give to others in the sport?

Gina and Matt RouseI'll call it the 2 "P"s and and I'm not talking about pee pee and potty training although I'm super pumped that my oldest is now going like a big girl!!!! Priorities and patience. I touched on it already, but 1 is priorities. For me, that is so important b/c I made my life revolve around running in college years and I left God out. I truly feel for running and all of life that God must be first. Everything else should flow out of a relationship with Him. 2nd - patience. I was always coming down with a new injury in college. I was never healthy for more than a few weeks because I thought I had to gut it out every day. I didn't realize the importance of recovery and easy days. I still struggle with this but I'm learning. I am realizing there are phases to running and having patience with our goals will allow you to stay consistent and eventually reach them. I'm also learning patience in racing. It's amazing what happens when you don't go out like a bandit in a race and allow yourself to actually negative split and reach your PRs!

When you're not running where might we find you?

On the floor with my kids, the couch with my husband, or coffee with a friend.

What else do you want to share?

The group of friends we have made through KE has been so much fun! Relationships are the most important thing in life and getting to share something we all love to do together has been great.