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During her time in Knoxville as a UT student and member of the Tennessee Running Club, Elizabeth Aylor grew from a self-described "tomboy" into an EXPLOSIVE marathoner! Along the way, Elizabeth may have been surprised by the intangible benefits that accomplished her amazing athletic development.

Elizabeth Aylor

Sort of a rookie to the sport, what got you interested in running?

I first started running cause my dad ran and I wanted to form a closer relationship with him. When I was younger, I was an extreme tomboy and we used to have so much fun; but as I grew up and started to dance and cheerlead, we kind of separated. So I woke up one morning and asked him to train for a marathon with me, and he said okay. Over the past three years we have run 3 half marathons together and one marathon. I have never felt so close to him and I love that we share a common love for running.


Why did you join Knoxville Endurance?

I joined KE because I had been running inconsistently for 2 years and was not really making improvements. I wanted to get really serious about reaching my full running potential. I looked up running coaches in Knoxville and found Bobby!


You've made significant gains in the marathon, going from 5:10 to 3:39!! MAJOR KUDOS! What has played a major part in running such an amazing PR?

I would say that confidence and training played a huge role in going from a 5:05 to a 3:39 marathon. When I was training alone for my last marathon, I lacked confidence in my own ability. Once I started going to Bobby's 5am practices and started running with Robin Miller, I learned fast that I was not running to my full potential. Over the a few months my times were down as I came to believe in myself. There was nothing stopping me from trying to exceed my goals for racing.


Some runners look up to legends like Steve Prefontaine and Paula Radcliffe. Iis there a runner that you most admire?

Everybody has his own unique talents and goals and no two people are the same; so I don't have any legendary runners that I look up to. If I had to pick one person, though, I would say Bobby Holcombe. He has really helped me not only find myself but also to realize that I can do anything!


What song is a must-have on your race day playlist?

It may sound crazy but I don't like to listen to music on race day. I feel that it can pump me up so much that I either go out too fast or end up not following the race plan. I find that doing my races and long runs without music helps me get in the zone. For my easy runs, though, I love listening to music from back in the day, like Mariah Carrey, Pit-bull, Keith Urban and Joshua Radin. As long as it has a good beat and is not Sean Paul, I'll listen to it.


Living in LA now, I bet it's beautiful there on most days. Is there anything you miss about Knoxville, TN?

I love LA but it's not the same as Tennessee. I would say that out of everything, I miss my KE family.