Athlete Spotlights

Angie Noye

Balancing the roles of wife, mother, store manager and runner has given ANGIE NOYE a positive outlook on life.

Balancing the roles of wife, mother, store manager and runner has given Angie Noye a positive outlook on life. Many would be overwhelmed, but Angie views running as the engine that drives the various demands of her day. Take a look at how Angie uses running to thrive in her stimulating lifestyle.

When did you first get the itch to lace up a pair of shoes and run?

Angie with her husbandI started running in 2005 to help me cope with a divorce. At that time I would usually run only 3 miles, 3-4 times a week — at that point in my life, running was truly a saving grace. Then in 2006, I agreed when a friend asked me to train with her for a half marathon. I had several people laugh at the thought of my wanting to run that far. I even had someone tell me that I didn't jog far enough to run a marathon. Those statements were like an issued challenge, and so then I had a point to make. After I ran it, then I just kept signing up for more.

Motherhood and careers are both very time consuming and energy-depleting. How have you learned to find a balance that allows you to train?

I think first and foremost you have to take care of you. I've learned that if I take care of myself, I am more capable of taking care of others. Running helps me organize my thoughts and my day so I am a better mom, wife and leader to my team. Fortunately, I require only about 5 hours of sleep a night, so that helps a lot! But I think that you really have to want to reach your goals as well. I try to stay focused and dream about what I might be able to do one day if I give it all I've got. I don't want to regret not trying.

What advice would you give others struggling to find that happy medium or balance in their busy schedules?

Don't stop having fun & always do the best you can with what you've got. If life happens and you need to focus on other priorities, don't beat yourself up for missing a run or two.

Who or what has influenced you most during your running career?

Team Hoyt. Every time I think I can't go another step, I think about how incredible Dick Hoyt is as an athlete and as a parent.

What is your most comfortable racing distance?

I really love a 5k, because I love the feeling that I may run my legs off or that my chest may explode. I need to get off this marathon kick, so I can work on my 5k goals. :)

What are some of your goals for the upcoming training cycle/season?

I have the Columbus full marathon in October, for which my goal time is 3:35. After that, I will focus on new 5k and half marathon PR's.

Fill in the blank: If I didn't run I would
    feel lost!.

What are your 3 favorite things about being a runner?

1) my running friends

2) the adrenaline rush

3) getting to eat more

Where is the best place to get frozen yogurt in Knoxville?

With 2 marathon training cycles back to back, I've switched to the real cream! And the best place is Tic Toc Ice Cream Parlor in Loudon. If you haven't been, let me know. I'll take you there.

Why or what brought you to join Knoxville Endurance?

I had to join KE, so I could keep up with my running friends. I really love being part of this awesome group of athletes.

What is working with KTC like?

It's great to be a part of a community of people who are all passionate about the sport. I really think that runners are some of the best people with whom you could surround yourself.

What things do you consider when planning the racing schedule and how do new races get added?

When planning and scheduling races, the long distance committee looks at the runner comment cards in great detail. They really listen and take comments and suggestions to heart. We also look at other events in the area that may support or hinder a future race. The committee is great because it's made up of runners of all experience & skill levels. This is really valuable as you try to plan a successful race.