Jennie McKelveyWith Bobby's personal, individualized coaching, I was no longer just a runner. I was an athlete.

I've been running for over 30 years. I was an all-state runner in high school and logged a 5K PR in those younger years of xx:xx. I've always loved to run and compete. After running a self-trained 4:06 marathon, I realized I was just-this-close to achieving the Boston Qualifier for my age group. Excited about what I had done on my own, Bobby encouraged me to work with him to meet the BQ standard. Having witnessed him successfully coach both of my children, one to national level performance, I agreed. With Bobby's personal, individualized coaching, I was no longer just a runner – I was an athlete. Under his tutelage I was at the track doing speed work for the first time since high school. I went into races with a bona fide plan, prepared to not just run competitively, but race competitively. Bobby helped me focus on the difference-makers…little things like nutrition, a race fueling plan, recovery, and core. I am in the executive coaching business, and tell leaders that everyone needs a coach, regardless of their level of success. That includes me.

With Bobby's help, I ran my fastest 5K in decades, and earned my coveted Boston Qualifier.


PR after KE 21:18 (masters)


Overall Marathon PR 3:27, 1983
PR before KE 4:06, 2010 (Masters)
PR after KE 3:46:00, 2011 (Masters)


Boston Marathon Qualifier