Helen AgeeBobby helped me train and become fit even when I have never been an athlete...

During the summer of 2011, I began running with my friend Kathy, who was already training with Bobby. I was turning 50 and concerned that I was not doing what I needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle. With Bobby's training I was able to begin seeing actual results. I have learned how to fuel before, during and after a race to help me achieve my best times. He sends me my schedule and discusses it with me. Although he has many clients, he makes me feel as though he knows what he needs to about my goals and abilities. He is available to discuss concerns and race plans so that I feel confident when the race time arrives. I truly just do what he says and am seeing desired results and goals met. After running and placing in my age group in several local 5K races, I ran the 4 Bridges Half in Chattanooga and achieved a time better than I had hoped for.

I enjoy the benefits of running and am thankful that I can finally call myself an athlete thanks to Coach Bobby!